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The Swindle

I had a lot of fun making this film, I hope you enjoy it.


intransitive verb
  1. To cheat or defraud of money or property.

  2. To obtain by fraudulent means.

  3. To practice fraud as a means of obtaining money or property.

Two sunny days riding around London sending and delivering letters to UK leaders at the global consulting firms who are Strategic Partners to the World Economic Forum.

For the full low down on the plan head here.

For the letter we sent to EY, head here.

To help with the second Phase of our campaign to Disrupt Global Tyranny, head to Donorbox.

Huge thanks to everyone who’s donated so far.. you are making this possible.!

NB - I shot the film vertically and Substack only processes horizontal videos, so you will get a better viewing experience on our Telegram channel.

Much love and a special welcome to the 100 or so people who’ve signed up today - it’s amazing to have you with us.. please share the message far and wide.!


From London.


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