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A Very Political Foundation

Daniel Sachs, Apolitical and the sheer, breathtaking audacity of globalist actions to subvert European societies and destroy the Nation state.

"For greed, all nature is too little." Lucius Annaeus Seneca

UK Column News segment from June 28.

Swedish Businessman Daniel Sachs is an exceptionally well-connected man:

  • One of seven Board Directors at Open Society Foundations, and Chair of the Investment Committee.

  • Senior Advisor to Chatham House.

  • Founding Trustee of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

  • Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum (class of 2007).

Sachs launched his own Foundation - DSF - in 2010, to pursue what he calls 'funded activism'. This involves initiating and supporting projects which progress a very particular globally-minded, radical left-wing political, cultural and economic agenda.

The UKC report embedded above describes activities of four 'funded activism' projects in the DSF portfolio. Below I'm sharing additional information about three of these projects that I didn't have time to include in the original report.

Before we get to that, I'd like to be completely clear about what we're looking at here: In combination, the distinct components of DSF's portfolio can only be understood as an audacious attempt to break Western democracies and transition to a centrally-controlled system of global governance.

This 'global platform' model of governance has been defined by institutions such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum; built on Big Tech infrastructure (mainly from Google); and has already been embedded deep into the heart of national governments (including here in the UK). Governments who will be little more than franchisees in a centrally managed global system over which they have zero control.

None of this has been voted for.

Not a single member of the public has been asked their thoughts about this new system, or even had it explained to them.

And yet we know that Keir Starmer’s inner circle are intimately involved in progressing the agenda. Which has already been funded and agreed by the Tories.

The arrogance and entitlement of the players involved in this programme simply beggars belief.

In a properly functioning society, this would be more than enough to bring down the government… it amounts, by my estimation, to Treason.

Multitudes Foundation

Purpose: Break existing European power structures by seeding and supporting radical left-wing political groups, especially those established by recent immigrants.

Approach: Offering grants of €10k, €50k and €100k to accelerate growth of progressive ‘changemakers’ focused on destabilising European societies and taking power at the expense of native populations.

Key people: Sarah Durieux, Kitty von Bertele. Full team list here.


Funding comes from an ecosystem of likeminded Foundations, including recently-announced new partner Fondation de France:

Fun fact: Pol Pot had a PHD from the Sorbonne and he went on to kill nearly half the population of Cambodia. Inspired by the same ideologies being promoted by the likes of Multitudes.

Apolitical Foundation

aka A Political Foundation for… Global governance (geddit?).

Purpose: Recruit compliant politicians and / or find new ones to groom, 'adopt' and indoctrinate into this global system of tech-enabled corporate governance designed to completely replace the established world order.

Already working in 170 countries, with operations managed out of London and Berlin. Enthusiastically backed by, partnered with EY (fka Ernst & Young) and UK Cabinet Office. Meaning this initiative has the full weight of the British establishment behind it, regardless of who gets voted into ‘power’ by the electorate.

Operates with 'audacity'.

Suggested watch: THE NOT-SO-SECRET SECRET TO ACCELERATING THE SDGS (hint, it involves creating an entirely new breed of politician)

Suggested reads:


Purpose: Embedding the global agenda, canonical narratives, policy and 'science' into the centre of the British Civil Service. Also working with scores of international governments, including the US, through operations run out of London.

Closely aligned with WEF Strategic Partner EY, who have been engaged to retrain 500,000 UK Civil Servants as part of their £200m-a-year UK Government business.

Funding: Appears to be a community and training model, paid for by client subscriptions (i.e. taxpayer money, spent by central government). Likely some consulting revenues, but cost to serve is very low ($5m grant received from to train 1 million Civil Servants = $5 per head) so will be highly driven by technology.

Suggested watch: Climate Campus (which has already been rolled out to UK Civil Servants)

Suggested watch: AI & Democracy (Lisa Witter, Robyn Scott, Azeem Azhaar)

This must end

All of three of these projects are live, in field, right now delivering work and progressing this agenda. Pay close attention to what they’re doing and who they’re working with: it goes right to the very top of British politics. In the UKC report we’ve mentioned Starmer and Georgia Gould (who, like her father, is a Bolshevik thug) but the corruption runs though all major political parties and deep into the heart of the British state.

This is a nothing less than a naked, shameless and audacious power grab. A global coup, enforced by an unelected technocratic ‘elite’ where traditional systems of power and social cohesion are systematically undermined and destroyed, with the explicit aim of migrating humanity to a system of global governance and centralised control that is unprecedented in the whole of history.

We do not consent.

We will not comply.

Justice will be served,

From London.

Ben Rubin

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