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Tortoise - When I strike, I strike hard

Important global conversations about the future of AI, how it's built, deployed and regulated are being coordinated from the UK by the powers behind the Israeli state.

UK Column News piece on Tortoise, a new media organisation established in 2018 by former BBC News Editor, James Harding.

Harding is a key player in progressing the globalist agenda and can be seen here at Goals House, the SDG propaganda hub we’ve covered extensively in previous posts:

Tortoise board members include Soho House founder Nick Jones, former US Ambassador to the UK Matthew Barzun, former Dow Jones President Katie Vanneck-Smith (who left Tortoise in 2022) and Ceci Kurzman, who sits on the boards of Lanvin, MAN Group, Warner Music Group and United Talent Agency.

It is a staggeringly well-connected organisation wielding rapidly-increasing influence over national and international discussion on a number of vital topics.


As outlined in the embedded video, Tortoise has been positioned at the epicentre of global conversations about the future of Artificial Intelligence.

They recently convened a closed-door discussion regarding what they call ‘Responsible AI’. Involving a number high-profile individuals from the world of technology, as well as senior regulators from the UK and US.

The organisation is funded by partnerships with a dizzying array of global corporations and ‘philanthropic’ funds. Including a number of World Economic Forum partners:

Closer inspection reveals the organisation is also directly linked to and, I believe it’s safe to assume, controlled by the Rothschild Foundation. Whose Israeli counterpart, Yad Hanadiv, is the funding vehicle behind the design and build of the Israeli Supreme Court and Knesset, and was intimately involved in the establishment of the Israeli state.

This suggests the most high-profile and influential global conversations about the design, deployment and regulation of AI are being controlled by Israel, via a network of exceptionally well-funded front organisations, and high-powered individuals in business, media and politics.

We ignore this at our extreme peril.

From London.


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